First exhibition at The Silk Gallery


  "Les Vignes dans tous ses éclats"

   My work has become focused on the colours around me in the vineyards.

   Each season brings changes in colour, texture and atmosphere.

   To recreate this, painting has to be spontaneous, fast, and rich in colour.


  Three of eight canvasses 100 x 100cms in acrylic ink



































































 These paintings and many others are available for purchase from the Saatchionline Gallery

 - click on the link below:


    A few pictures of visitors to the gallery

silk-2013-15.jpg  silk-2013-34.jpg    silk-2013-36.jpg


    To commemorate the event a set of limited edition prints featuring the eleven grape varieties of the domaine were created.

    Also three popular wines were labelled with paintings from the exhibition.







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