Tony Gaunt


Studied painting, ceramics and sculpture at Norwich College of Art, graduating in 1951.

For a while he painted scenery at the Maddermarket Theatre in Norwich but soon found himself in advertising as an Art Director. First of all in Newcastle, then in Leeds (his home town) and then in London where he worked for several world renowned agencies. In 1964 he and his family moved to Brussels.

As an Art Director, then Creative Director and later Managing Director, he worked mostly on International Accounts which eventually took him back to London in 1978 as European Co-ordinator.

He, and his wife Erna, have lived and worked in London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris and Oslo, moving from country to country aboard their Dutch sailing barge. They have cruised extensively in the North Sea, Baltic and European waterways which brought them to Sète in 1994.

For many years, traditional sailing vessels were the subject of his paintings which were exhibited extensively. After 30 years afloat, Erna and Tony bought an old house just 5kms across the Etang de Thau from Sète where he set up his studio and began painting non-marine subjects.

His painting has evolved through changes in subject matter, becoming increasingly simple in form and colour.

Abstraction has finally given him a new platform to express his joy with the colour and light around him.







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